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Marketing Booker

Marketing Booker
Booker Frtiz
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700 S. Main St. St #224
digital marketing & social media
Marketing Booker

We offer free consultations to all SNG members. Lets sit down and see how we can help.

Think of us as the digital version of a traditional ad agency.
(The digital version of the tv show Mad Men)

About Marketing Booker

Marketing Booker is a Digital Marketing Firm based in Lapeer, Michigan that provides Digital Marketing Services to businesses all over the nation.

We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit instilled within us. Our goal is to help as many businesses as possible grow through the use of Digital Marketing. We believe great businesses should have great customers and the quality of the customer is dependent upon the quality of the Marketing.

Digital Marketing:
Think of us as the digital version of a traditional ad agency. We help companies find where there potential customers spend the most time online. We then formulate the best course of action for reaching this potential customers.

Search Marketing / SEO
Today 94% of consumers go to search engines for new products or services. Search engines enforce over 300 factors to score your website. The higher the score the higher you appear in the organic search results.
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Paid Search
Have a upcoming sale / promotion? Provide a service in a super competitive industry? Paid search allows you to advertise on the search page above the organic results.
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Social Media
The average social media user has roughly 200 friends / followers. If they like, review, mention or comment on your company's social media account all of their friends are able to see this. This can be used for creating outstanding customer feedback and interaction. The key is targeting the right ideal customer.
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Creative is our strong suit. Unique marketing ideas come easy to us. Ad copy, design, production, and implementation is what we do best. Marketing flows through our veins, sales are oxygen, and growth is the motive. for more information.

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