SNG Florida

Sunrise NETWORKING Group (SNG) is EXPANDING! The SNG will be developing groups throughout Florida, and our first group will be in the Wesley Chapel area. We have begun meeting with business people interested in business development through networking with other businesses.

If you would like to start a group in Florida all you have to do is find like-minded people in your area; then reach out to SNG to help you to begin organizing your group.

We have groups that started small, with 5-7 committed members, and have grown to over 50-members. We need a strong leader, known as the Ambassador, and a restaurant, or meeting room, for your twice a month morning breakfast meeting.

The Ambassador is responsible for interviewing guests and/or new members & introducing them to the group. The Ambassador will also be in charge of attendance.

The type of members we’re looking for to join the group are business owners, professionals, entrepreneur, and sales people who are willing to commit to (2) breakfast meetings a month and are eager to network and promote each other’s business. In addition to the (2) breakfast meetings, members should be willing to attend some of our afterhours networking functions.

For more information on SNGs developing Florida groups please contact us:

1-855-INOAGUY – 1-855-466-2489

Wayne A. Curto (586) 232-3009