How to Get the Most Out of SNG

  1. Set appointments with members to learn more about what they do, and to explain your services in more detail.
  2. Bring brochures or information about your company or services to each breakfast to further educate the members and guests about what you offer.
  3. Focus on features and benefits of those features, when you talk about what you have to offer. Say something different about your business at each breakfast. No one will know what kind of people to refer to you until they understand what you do.
  4. Make it perfectly CLEAR what type of leads you are looking for. We think just because we understand what we do, and what we are looking for, that everyone else knows our business, as well. Remember, they focus on their business, and you are requesting them to briefly focus on yours!
  5. Get to the breakfasts early to meet the guests, and start a dialogue with current members.
  6. Sit in a different place each breakfast. People are creatures of habit, they generally sit in the same spot each breakfast. I can almost tell you where everyone will be sitting before they enter the room. Don’t be like those people, by moving around you will be exposing yourself to new introductions. Trust me, the more people in the SNG you get to know; the better will be your experience. Get the most out of your membership!
  7. Plan on staying at least half an hour after the breakfast, you would be surprised how may people stay to talk. It is a good time to plan on targeting a couple of people to build alliances with before they rush out the door.
  8. Attend every extra function, there are usually not more then one every month or two. But, these extra events give you time to get to know other people in the group, and every member could know at least one person who can help you be successful.
  9. Get a camera! When you attend the events, take pictures, download them (or get the photos on disks from a photo company), and then email them out. Everyone loves pictures of themselves, and it will be just another reason for them to think of you.
  10. Offer specials and discounts to members to use. Also, let them pass those discounts onto their family, friends, and clients. It helps the members to remember, “INOAGUY”.
  11. Give first, and expect second. By giving leads to a member, you have a right to expect that member to reciprocate. If they don’t, ask them why. Maybe it is because they don’t fully know what you do, and there is then no better time to describe your services and the type of leads YOU are looking for.
  12. Get in the habit of listening for people to state a need, and then follow up with, “’INOAGUY’ (GAL) who can help you!”

Getting Business out of the SNG is more than attending breakfasts!

Copyright Wayne A. Curto 2019