Networking Stories

Local business networking is a powerful way to grow and sustain your business in any economy. Our Michigan business professionals enjoy giving and receiving referrals from people they can trust. Below are just a few stories from real members.

I wanted to share with you the POWER of the SNG. The Sunrise Networking Group (SNG) has always been one of my “best” sources for new, or repeat, business, it doesn’t matter … SNG is always the best.

The Networking Events, the bi-monthly meetings, the frequent news updates and the SNG desire to help people grow their business and make a difference in their lives is a great recipe for success. My compliments to your hard work and passion.

Recently, I decided to sell one of my businesses. Having had many “one-on-ones” with members from other SNG groups, the only person I thought of to market the business for me was Don McKnight. Don has a great personality, strong contacts and years of experience. He was the right man for the job!

Within a few months he had reached out to his contacts, many of which were also SNG members, and found a buyer, who was also a member of the SNG. The business I sold, with the new SNG owner, is doing great! The buyer, the seller, and the business broker, all came from the SNG. Good Job!

Kathy Keiper

Centurion Services, Inc.

I just want to let you know that you are doing an amazing job with the SNG. I tell everyone about how wonderful my experience has been with the group and have encourage people to look into the SNG groups in their area. You have made SNG a brand that I’m proud to be a part of. Keep up the good work!
Natalie Bolyea


Bob Mihelich, CBRE Commercial Real Estate, referred me to a client that signed our agreement, and placed a job order for Monday. Also, I just opened up a new client; who was referred to me by Bob Walker, from English Gardens. This company is looking for Staffing Network to provide 30-40 employees for 5 months. What a wonderfully, large order…I’ve only been a SNG member for less than two months.

The company Bob Walker referred me to have two antiquated buildings in Madison Heights. I toured these facilities and the manager stated they are in the process of looking for a larger, and more modern, facility. I asked if I could have Bob Mihelich contact them to find them a new facility, and, with their permission, I sent their contact information over the Bob Mihelich this morning.

Funny, how things go full circle when everyone is “Net-WORKING!”

Mike Carpenter

Staffing Network

I have a really interesting SNG networking story for you. I was recently engaged by a person who was former SNG member. Although he has not been a SNG member FOR YEARS, he went to the SNG website to find a lawyer!

John Sellers

John Sellers, PC (Attorney)

 I have been a member of SNG for quite a number of years. I have always found it insightful when meeting the other members in the group and what their interests are. This, many times, is done on a one-on-one meeting. On one of those meetings, one of the SNG members, knowing I was a dentist, mentioned his daughter just graduated from hygiene school. Since we were in the process of looking for someone to work for us, we hired his daughter, Jessica. She ended up traveling to Haiti with us, and was working alongside me providing local anesthesia and cleanings for the orphan children and other Haitians. I would never have guessed that conversation, with our SNG member, would lead me to a foreign land working with his daughter. She has been a blessing to know and work with. I would encourage others to get out of their comfort zone and to get to know the other members.

Dr. Robert Antolak

Robert V. Antolak DDS

After a water pipe burst, I had a giant hole in my ceiling, and a weekend house party coming up. The SNG contractor from my group, made me a priority and came to my rescue. They knocked out the project in one day, at a very reasonable price, and cleaned up the whole room after the work was completed in time for the party. The ceiling looks great, and they even left behind some extra ceiling touch up paint for us!

I also had a client with a very unique physical infrastructure issue and trouble obtaining a new phone system install. We sent Denise Hubbs from Techmode to see my client. She designed and implemented a new phone system to connect the buildings my client was told were unconnectable! Way to go Denise!

Todd Brady

Kyda Technologies, Inc.

Another SNG Member referred me to a retailer that had 60 stores from Virginia to New York. We are installing security cameras for them.

Dan Gleed

EOS Business Surveillance

I wanted to tell you that Aaron Ranka sent me a lead last month. I ended up closing the business and made enough off of it to pay for my SNG dues for the next several years!  I own Aaron a good lead or nice gift!

Nathan Ford

Gateway Business Funding

SNG has been one of the best investments I have made for my practice and one of the more fun things I have chosen to do! That reminds me I should probably thank Mark Hicks at some point for introducing me!
Dr. Melissa Eiben

Pure Health Center

SNG has been one of the best investments I have made for my practice and one of the more fun things I have chosen to do! That reminds me I should probably thank Mark Hicks at some point for introducing me!
Dr. Melissa Eiben

Pure Health Center

A few years ago, I started my own business, and it was a life-changing decision. I would have started sooner but I had a fear that the clients wouldn’t be there.

Being a new business meant I had to use my resources mindfully. My journey in business changed the day I was brought into a breakfast meeting hosted by the Sunrise NETWORKING Group.

Not only did I start feeling like a part of my new-city community, but I immediately received business relationships that eventually changed my entire life! The SNG has brought me over 30-clients in my first year as a member. Astounding, I know!

I can confidently say that all the clients, referrals, and opportunities I have now, are a result of someone in the SNG leading me to them. Looking at the big picture, there are first, second, third, and even fourth generation connections leading back to someone at the SNG. A butterfly effect that has led to more current business clients, referral partners, and friends than I ever thought was possible for me.

If you are interested in building business relationships, the SNG would be invaluable to your business. It doesn’t carry the negative or pressure energy that is common with other networking groups. Plus, the SNG offers amazing events for relationship building, and the mixers are free.

Beyond business, the SNG gave me a sense of community. I have had the opportunity to build multiple relationships with local business owners in a much larger area than I could have reached on my own.

With the help of the SNG organization, you, too, can get out of the clouds and start making your dream business a reality!

Jessica Metzler

All Social Jessie

 I have been a member of SNG for less than a year, through attending breakfasts and going to many of the scheduled mixers, I have met a number of people that are interested in the same thing I am… growing our businesses. I have received business from these contacts and have also passed on some referrals.

It takes time to develop relationships, but, through the SNG, we have accelerated this process. One referral that turned into a very nice sale, and continued opportunities, was through meeting Dan from Forest Lake Country Club. We met at a breakfast, I attended a mixer at the country club, and, at the mixer, Dan introduced me to his general manager. During our conversation I learned he needed patio furniture and umbrellas for his outside patios and decks.

Within a short time, we had a very nice sale and Forest Lake had beautiful new furniture for their members and guests. Without SNG this transaction would not have happened. Thanks, Dan and SNG!

Bob Walker

English Gardens

Thank you, Wayne, for always putting together such a wonderful event at the FOX Theatre for our Christmas event. Each year seems better than the last and I don’t know how this can happen, but it does! I enjoyed the performance as well as the food. The entire atmosphere was MAGICAL! I always LOVE my seats. Thank you for giving me special consideration when seating me, I really appreciate all that you do!

You MAKE SNG work! You are a great leader and example of how to be genuine, honest, and successful.

Barbara Banco

Banco Mortgage Centre

Hello All: One of the BEST Ladies of SNG get-togethers was conducted last eve, whoever didn’t show up, missed out!!! GREAT turnout, great presenter…English Gardens was a terrific host!

Bob Walker, thank you for the $10 off coupon. My Sister in law, my son (who joined us after the presentation) and I all made purchases and I saw quite a few other Ladies of SNG in line at the checkout, with arm full of great things. Thanks again.

Elaine Myers

C&G Newspapers

Recently, I had a pot luck gathering to attend and I thought about Steve Davidson, the owner of Wingstop of Warren, because just about everyone loves wings. Over the phone, he walked me through the menu (although I could have looked it up online, but I was in a hurry). They have about a dozen flavors and he gave me the top three, most popular. He gave me a great price, PLUS the SNG discount.

In conversation, I discovered he gives back to the community, especially, the schools in the local area…one of which is a high school where I do photography.  The principal there says Steve supports their charitable events with food, offers job opportunities to his students, and is an all-around good guy.  Steve is my wing-man from now on.

Fred Ferris

Fred Ferris Photography