Message from the Founder

People will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.

We Have the Secret to Succeeding in Business in ANY Economy!

…and it’s no secret. Networking is the cultivation of business relationships. The greatest business minds of all time say repeatedly that networking is key to business growth. Bill Gates once said about Microsoft, “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” The Sunrise Networking Group, LLC (SNG) will help you find reputable people and businesses to work and partner with.

In the SNG, you can dramatically increase your sales force without increasing your payroll. As a member of the SNG, you’ll discover that generating leads is a byproduct of people getting along, and that SNG members are true advocates for one another! You have a sales force that’s at work in more places than you can imagine at all times!

When you choose SNG over other networking groups, you get leads that are warm introductions, NOT cold leads members are forced to generate or be fined. We have a philosophy of you get what you give. Giving warm introductions leads to getting them.

You can achieve your goals and succeed in your business by joining SNG!

SNG is:

Wayne A. Curto


We have over 300 members in several area breakfast locations!


From one-person operations to well-known corporations!


SNG attracts people you’ll be excited to do business with and recommend to your family and friends!

Talented & Creative

One introduction and you’ll see!

Openly Friendly

Guests always get a warm welcome at our breakfasts, cocktail hours, and other events!


 Millions of dollars worth of business is being conducted by our members continuously!

If You Think Business Professionals Can’t Have Fun Then You’ve Never Met the Sunrise Networking Group!

When networking doesn’t feel like work because it’s such a pleasure to meet the wonderful people in SNG, when your business is growing because you and other members are sharing leads, when you look forward to seeing SNG friends at the next event… there’ll be no doubt you’re in the right place! What fantastic events can you look forward to?

Breakfast – each SNG meets for breakfast twice a month from 7:30-9 a.m.

If, on a rare occasion, you can’t make it to breakfast and you let us know, we’ll still say nice things about you at breakfast and help you get leads!
SNG Euchre Tournament – you don’t have to be good, just lucky!
SNG Charity Events include our Annual Golf Outing, Annual Dinner Cruise, and many other events!
Everyone is given time to talk about their business.
SNG Cocktail Hour once or twice a month. This is where SNG members and guests from all of the SNG groups get together to network over cocktails and complimentary hors d’oevres. There’s usually music and it’s always a great time!
SNG Bocce Ball League A little friendly competition hasn’t hurt anyone yet! We have an 18-team league that plays on Wednesday nights for 12 weeks. Each night we play, each team plays three other teams (Speed Bocce)!
SNG Golf League – a networking nirvana!
If you are serious about energizing your business, meeting truly great people, and enjoying the entire process, fill out the SNG membership form. We’ll contact you with breakfast invitation information so you can try us out and we’ll be looking to welcome you at the next area breakfast!