Why Us and Not Another Networking Organization?

We treat our members as adults

When we started the SNG in 2002, we simply set it up as business people getting together for breakfast. If you are like our members, it is tough to make every breakfast, and hunting down subs to attend for you is one more business problem you just don’t need… but, send one if you like, it’s up to you!

We meet just twice a month

Every week is overkill! Our events give people a way to make real connections. The twice a month breakfast meetings are not mandatory – we know people are adult enough to show up when they can. We understand there are “life events” that arise when family or business issues become a priority. 

We believe that warm leads are better than chasing cold ones

Other organizations make giving leads mandatory at every breakfast by filling out little forms and passing a business card box around the room. We exchange referrals via email… with a copy going to the referred, so the power to contact is in our member’s hands. OR, we can send referrals through our SNG Advanced Referral System, which goes directly to our members!

We only bill two months at a time

We don’t want people to stick around if they’re not enjoying themselves, just because they are locked in for a year. On the other hand, we don’t want to be locked in either if things aren’t working out!

The SNG Advanced Referral System

Visit our website with your smartphone and you will see our web app. It allows anyone to send leads to our members directly from a smartphone or computer… while they are standing right in front of the referral!

Superior website functionality

Compare how our SNG Website Directory stacks up to other networking organizations. With it, our members attract calls from people outside our membership all the time.

Make our events YOUR events

People build business friendships through client appreciation events. We make all the arrangements; and we welcome you to invite your clients, friends, and family members to attend.

One of the unique things about the SNG is that we allow our members to “touch” their clients multiple times without trying to sell them something. Our members invite their clients to our many events; it is through spending time with your clients that you build a relationship with them.

  • NO charge for our mixers, and, with complimentary appetizers, it makes it a lot easier to ask your clients to spend time with you at our functions.
  • We provide breakfast at our morning meetings; nothing like getting up early to spend time with friends, and looking forward to sharing a great meal together.
  • You would not be limited to just one group of people, unlike other networking organizations. By giving everyone multiple networking opportunities with all of our members, we let you work with the approximately 325 members in the SNG.
  • SNG Plastic Discount Card will save you more money at restaurants, on services, and products than what our membership costs (the savings makes it even better than, FREE). Click here for Member Discounts.
Why SNG?

We are simply about – Business NETWORKING… focused on building relationships & growing your business! We have multiple monthly events coordinated with the Tigers, Pistons, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, area restaurants, etc., that puts you in contact with hundreds of people, not just a single group…while having fun. We also have the SNG Bocce Leagues (18-teams play for 12-weeks), SNG Bowling League, and a couple of SNG Golf Leagues.

Why SNG?

Also, we have special sessions that promote the membership to work together.

For example, we have the Ladies of SNG Session which conducts events with 60-80 women in attendance. The Building Trades Sessions make members aware of new projects, sources for funding and bonding, and offers an opportunity for members to work together. The Major Accounts Sessions combines members who work primarily with large accounts. They meet regularly, refer business to each other, and there is NO-Charge for session events.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a networking group where you can meet, and intermingle with, a lot of great business people, then  just make the decision to give us a try. The only other decision is which group you want to have breakfast with.
Why SNG?
Why SNG?
Why SNG?

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Why SNG?
Why SNG?

Our Way Seems to Work!

Our way of networking is what makes us different. SNG mixers allow our members to interact with other members from our entire organization of approximately 325 businesses. Plus, by allowing non-members to attend as guests, it expands the business networking experience for our membership by bringing in more opportunities for members to find business. Our hope is that the guests will see how easy it is to network with other professionals, and will consider attending one of our breakfast locations.

Why SNG?

How to Help Us Grow

No reason not to have potential members at every breakfast!

Has the SNG been a benefit to you and your business? If so, then the SNG is asking you to take care of us! Take stock and think about how much you have given back to this organization. The way you can pay back the SNG is to actively look for new members. With all the success of our members, we’re expecting a real growth spurt… please be a part of it!

Snap photos of business cards and send them to SNG via email wcurto@sunrisenetworkinggroup.com or text them to (586) 873-6678. After sending an introductory email and copying you, these people will be added to our Invite List to help build the organization.

We collect business cards from people every day! If you have any business cards lying around on your desk right now, please get busy snapping! Or, if you have a lot of cards, put them on a copy machine, scan them, and email them over.

If the cards do not have an email, please add it to your message as phone calls are rarely made.