Over-Achievers Don’t Leave

Over-achievers do not leave the SNG, we only lose the, under-achievers, why is that? Because, just like anything else that is rewarding, business development takes effort! Over-achievers find the time to fit the SNG into their time schedule because they make it a serious part of their marketing plan. They understand that success requires planning and they are prepared for the hustle.

Some of the busiest and most successful people in Metro Detroit belong to the SNG. One of the benefits, especially, for the younger members, is that the busiest and most successful members are willing to meet with members to share their experience and give valuable direction. Here are a few networking stories from our members:

We had a new automobile salesperson who was attending her first mixer:

She walked away with 28-business cards. Now, I am more of a slow pace, get a few quality cards, but…do you think she will get some business from showing up at the mixer?

Bob Walker, one of the owners of the, multiple location, English Gardens:

At the SNG, business comes when you are least expecting it. Several years ago, I was introduced to a friend of a friend at a SNG outing. We would see each other at several of the events. After developing a great relationship, this guy had my company do the landscaping around his new building a SNG member had sold him. Then each year he has me add color around the entire building. Just recently he built a brand-new home and we landscaped the entire property. This one relationship will pay for the membership for the rest of my working life. Not to mention all the great people I continue to spend time with and the many events we enjoy together.

Joe Dwyer, franchise owner of multiple locations for Tropical Smoothie Café:

I have been a member of SNG for nearly 10 years. When I opened a Tropical Smoothie Café in Clawson back in 2011 nobody knew who we were. In one year using the power of SNG, going to the morning meetings, joining the golf and bocce leagues I was able to become the busiest store in the Midwest. We were also in the top 5% of the chain. This isn’t work for me, it is a lot of fun going to the mixers and being part of the leagues. I encourage anyone that wants more business and more loyal customers/clients to become part of SNG.

Jay Penfil, Powerhome Solar & Roofing:

I joined the SNG in the last few months and it has been a whirlwind. The very first event was a Business Trades Session, which resulted in two proposals totaling over $600k. I have three members from my group that are in the proposal process for residential solar systems. Several of my business contacts have joined the SNG and are now benefiting through receiving business from partnering with some of the SNG members. I subcontract out the roofing work and I lined up one of our members with my client and they are moving forward with two commercial roofs in conjunction with my solar system. At an event, I met a financial advisor works with municipalities, that is one of our targets, and we are meeting for lunch next week. I’m loving the interaction with my SNG brothers and sisters. Thank you for establishing this great business development organization.

As Grant Cardone said in his book, The 10X Rule, “Over-achievers over commit and find a way to make the time fit into what they need to get done. The busier you become in life, the more you have to manage, control, and prioritize your time.”

When I hear people say, “I have kids, so evening events don’t work for me,” I am reminded that almost all our over-achievers have children and grandchildren and are still involved with their lives. However, they understand the value of marketing and make a point to pencil in one or two evening events per month. If you are getting flack at home regarding only one or two evening events per month, consider taking the time to explain to your significant other the importance of being an active networking partner.

At the SNG, we have a saying, “Family first, always!” But that can be used as an excuse to go home instead of putting the energy into…business development, while having FUN! Your call, get the most out of your SNG membership, or, do what the under-achievers do, they go home!





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