SNG 7 Minute Presentation Outline

As part of your SNG membership, each member has a tremendous opportunity to present a seven-minute presentation on their business. In order that you have the maximum effectiveness, we have created the following outline to help each member formulate their message and bring out their value proposition so all members have a clear understanding of what you do and how they can refer business to you.

Brief history of your company

Company name, industry, number of locations, years in business, number of employees.

Products and/or services provided

Give a brief overview of what products and services your company offers and how you solve a problem or fulfill a need.

How are you different from your competition

Think of 2 or 3 reasons why customers buy from you or communicate your Unique Selling Proposition.

Tell a story

Tell a success story on how you were able to help a customer fix some pain or problem they were facing.

Describe your ideal customer

Provide a clear profile of your ideal customers and be specific as possible.

Have a call to action

At the end of your presentation, ask your audience to do something, like check with their family or friends for referrals that would benefit from your products or services, and/or offer a free trial or attractive discount to get immediate action. 

Be prepared by practicing

Make sure you practice prior to the meeting so your message is clear and well received which will also eliminate fear. Remember, the group are your team members, they are all rooting for you, and the facilitator will help you through if you get stuck.

Bring handouts or company literature

Have promotional handouts or literature that supports your presentation. Don’t give out beforehand unless you will be referencing to the material during your presentation (ask people to, hold it up, during your presentation), hand it out at the end.

Consider what it means to your business if you take the time needed to prepare a well thought out and polished presentation to your group members. This is a chance to showcase your professionalism and will go a long way in making everyone an ADVOCATE for your business.






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