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Tim Edwards

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Ferndale, MI

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(313) 437-2190

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Grosse Pointe

Our business is to make your business look GREAT online.

How you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Every customer is different. Let’s work together to map and apply the best strategies for your business!

Website Design, Development & SEO
Your website is often the first time a potential customer meets your business. Let’s engage them!

Social Media
Often the cheapest and easiest channels to target and reach your customers. Let’s show them who you are!

Where will your customers find you online? Let’s make sure that you are in the right places and your information is accurate!

Email Outreach
Keep in touch with your audience.

Reputation Management
What are customers saying about your business? How are you responding? Decisions are often made by comments and stars.

Digital Ad Campaigns
Reaching beyond Social Media. Find customers where they are.

Photography & Video
Real content that tells customers about your business. The story is unique. The content should be unique.

Graphic Design
Logos, ads and in-house displays. Ads that get attention!

SMS Marketing
Harness the power of immediate response.

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