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Christina Sultes

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Dryden, MI

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(248) 410-3825

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Once upon a time, we all used to work for large corporations where we could get any assistance we required within.

There was an IT Department, a Marketing Department, a Finance Department… all sorts of people whose job it was to support the work we did every day.

That’s different now. As a sole proprietor or owner of a small business, you are responsible for managing the operation of the company in addition to carrying out the actual work.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming. Even when it does go well, it keeps you from the work you’d rather be doing.

That’s where I come in. I handle all the little things and details — the things you hate doing — so that you can get back to the work you love to do.

Our Services

Day-to-Day Operations: I can help with your day-to-day operations such as calendar management, client invoicing and updating spreadsheets.

Technology Assistance: I can help create and set up your CRM, manage your CRM and make updates to your website.

Marketing and Communications: I can help manage your social media accounts, format newsletters and format and update blog posts.

About Christina

Hello! I am Christina Sultes, owner of Parallel Virtual Assistant. I have 7+ years of experience working with small business owners as their part-time virtual assistant. I help with general administrative tasks such as, data entry, formatting newsletters, and invoicing, so they can focus on the work they enjoy.

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