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Visual Impact Systems is a full-service advertising and marketing firm, with over 30 years of expertise in web site design, Internet marketing, video production, mobile marketing, print and graphics design, TV and radio productions, photography, interactive presentations, signage, merchandising, promotional items, and trade show displays.

We combine compelling design, a strong marketing strategy, and innovative technologies into a coordinated message—transforming marketing messages from ordinary to extraordinary, and from commonplace to influential with our proven ‘Integrated Multimedia’ approach, we call “Transformaction.”

The following are the media ‘outlets’ we offer products and services for:


Visual Impact Systems helps small to medium sized businesses get ‘noticed’ online with Internet marketing services like web sites, Social Media, AdWords advertising, content marketing, e-mail campaigns, blogs, and search engine optimization (SEO).


Visual Impact Systems recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong presence in the mobile marketing mix. With more and more people spending time on their phones and away from their computers, we strive to deliver our clients with a marketing mix that targets mobile devices through search engine marketing, mobile friendly landing pages, QR codes, and more. Through our knowledge and expertise in this landscape, we will help your business thrive in one of the most essential components of online marketing.


Visual Impact Systems is a ‘one-stop’ supplier of video production. With decades of experience, we are well versed in all aspects of video production. We can literally meet any need that your project requires: from preparing the content with scripting, story-boarding, graphic design, and videography, to finishing the project with music scoring, color correction, motion graphics, and video editing. We can also provide a variety of distribution services. We can meet any need you or your organization has for your video production.


Visual Impact Systems is proud to be a ‘one-stop‘ supplier of trade show displays. Our clients value our unique ability to conceptualize, develop, and execute distinctive trade show displays that effectively communicates their company’s branding. We have been in the trade show display business since 1997. Since then, we have added over 40 suppliers, and have a comprehensive array of trade show items for every size show and venue.


We have doing print production and design for our entire history—since 1990—and some of our staff for even longer than that. We have produced projects of all sizes and complexity. We are a ‘one-stop‘ shop, providing the initial creative concepts, coordination with the company’s branding, audience analysis, format selection, graphic design, photography and imaging, layout, pre-press, printer coordination, and press checks.


We use creative themes and catchy ‘jingles’ to generate sustained appeal that remains long after the viewer sees the spot. We have been doing this since 1994. We are a ‘one-stop‘ provider for television productions, that include broadcast advertising, and TV documentaries. We provide all aspects of the production: Conceptualization; Scripting; Story-boarding; Location procurement; Scheduling; Videography; Audio mixing; Graphic design; Motion effects; Color correction; Music selection and scoring; Final editing; and Distribution.


Since most people listen to radio on a daily basis, it’s an ideal advertising medium for accentuating your message—and you can reach your target market economically. We are a ‘one-stop‘ provider for radio productions, and have been doing them since 1994. We provide all aspects of the production: Conceptualization; Scripting; Voice-over talent; Scheduling; Audio capture and mixing; Music selection and scoring; Final editing; and Distribution.


We create customized sales presentations that condense the plethora of your corporate information, from an ‘outside’ viewpoint, to focus it on your prospect’s needs. We have expertise in the following categories: Analysis; Games; Interactive; and Sales Presentations.


We are very experienced, creative, and ‘full-service’ photographers—and videographers—which we use to enhance communication, and to tell stories. Our work includes shot conceptualization and planning, location preparation, additional lighting, photographic backgrounds, props, models, styling, color correction, retouching, enhancing, HDR, compositing, and final distribution.


Signage commands attention in high-density areas, and can present your message in a very impactful way. We supply a variety of types of both indoor and outdoor signage: Banners, billboards, exterior building logo signs, interior building directional signage systems, illuminated signs, neon, and graphic vehicle ‘wraps’.


We implement integrated merchandising and promotions plans using visual displays, catalogs, packaging, and promotional products to build brand recognition with measurable results.


We have expertise in the following categories: Branding; Integrated Campaigns; Corporate Identity; Graphic Design; Illustration; Live Events; Logo design; Sales proposals; and Strategic plans.

Visual Impact Systems delivers a variety of integrated multimedia solutions. We encourage you to acquire additional information about our integrated advertising and marketing solutions by viewing our web site, so that you can determine if our capabilities match your needs ( ).

If you would like more information concerning our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us at (248) 548-7000 or e-mail us at

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